John Doe


Preparing the poster

  • Poster size. The maximum size allowed for your poster is 80 cm in width by 110 cm in height. All posters must fit within this size.
  • Poster structure. You need to give your poster an understandable structure. The following points are suggested:
    • Title
    • Authors and affiliations. Speaker name should be underlined
    • Introduction (background, motivation, purpose of research)
    • Materials and Methods (assign scientific name for your materials)
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion and future plan
    • Reference, acknowledgement, or URL, if required
  • Appearance. Font size of body text should be easily legible by someone standing up to 2m away and up to 5m for the main title. Long lines of text are very difficult to follow, and too small fonts are also difficult to read. Separate each part by columns would facilitate understanding your excellent research to the audience.
  • Assign number for each logical block or enclose them with a box would also help to understand the logical flow. You don't need to use many font styles (less is better). Changing the size or font face (bold or italic) is a simple, but effective way to emphasize important part of your poster.
  • Color selection. Approximately 8% of males and 0.5 % of females have some degree of color-vision deficiency. Using minimum and carefully selected colors for your poster presentation would be a good idea to appeal for colorblind person. Using colors such as red and green together in your presentation may exclude colorblind members of your audiences. Avoid using dark backgrounds. Dark colored text on a dark colored background is not preferable for a handicapped person, and also for many audiences. Following URL provides a suggestion on color selection for the handicapped person: what colorblind people see
  • Assign all figures and tables with the unique identifying number (Figure 1, ... Or Table 1,...). All symbols, units, and abbreviations should be explained briefly at their legends.

Placing the poster

  • Posters will be on display throughout the duration of the Symposium and will be discussed during specific poster sessions.
    • Set-up:.
    • Break-down:.
  • Poster for the presentation will be mounted on boards.
  • The authors are kindly requested to use a pushpin to hang the poster. We will provide pushpin at the venue. Don't use your own adhesive tape, nail, peg, stapler, glue or gum.

On your presentation

  • The poster session is scheduled from ____ to ____ on October __ and from ____ to ____ on October __.
  • All speakers are asked to be ready for the presentation and discussion in front of their poster during the poster session.
  • All posters are requested to be removed after the poster session is over on October __. Don't remove the poster before that. Remaining poster after closing the symposium will be permanently removed.